We have adopted a theme in our congregation: To know God and to make him known. It turns out that there are others with that or similar themes. Both halves of this are often seen as impossible. We cannot know God, he is unknowable they say. And if we cannot know him, we are then offering others what we ourselves do not have.

            Do you know that Jesus has won forgiveness for you and for the world? If you know that, you know something. Do you know that God has called you for a purpose to go into the world and present him to others? You know something. Have you found evidence for God in your family, your healings, your life changes into fruit of the spirit, then you know something.

            You may not know the intricacies of Trinitarian doctrines. You may not have clear pictures of the role of teacher, preacher, healer and prophets, but you know something of God. That is what you share, what you know. Do not apologize for what you do not know, but proclaim with confidence what you do know and even be clear how you have come to know it. The resources that allow us to know God are the encounters we have with the Word of God, the Spirit of God and the true Church of God.

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To Make HIM Known...

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